Coral Trout and Giant Trevally galore- Week 13- Montebello Islands

These boys love their Giant Trevally

Coral Trout and Giant Trevally galore- Week 13- Montebello Islands

To sum this week up in one word it would have to be incredible! This week we had an excellent group of guys on board from Melbourne (and a couple from Perth) for a 7 day charter to the Monties.

Within the first few hours the boys warmed up with a nice Trevally. The 1st Giant Trevally of the trip soon followed as well as some lure carnage. This group loves Giant Trevally (GT), so we spent a few hours each day doing some GT popping around the islands. The boys got a decent number of Giant Trevally this week, all were safely released after they were caught.

This week we also spent plenty of time jigging and fishing with soft plastics. Coral Trout was the stand out species of the week with the boys catching plenty of nice sized coral trout throughout the week. Red emperor weren’t on the bite this week with the boys only getting one all week. 

Our awesome deckhand Jake again supplied us with a nice feed of crayfish for dinner.

The boys enjoyed a spot of pontoon golf with our floating golf balls each day which is always a lot of fun.

The funny moment of the week was when the boys gee’d Bruce up putting his lure through  a bucket. He thought he’d caught something nice and big, but was disappointed to realise it was just his mates pulling his leg. 

The highlights of the week would have been on Sunday with Josh’s Cobia and Sailfish through a school of sharks all before 10:30am. Check out the incredible full story here

This week just kept getting more interesting though. The rod that Josh broke on his first cast on Sunday was actually his mate Cam’s rod. Lucky for Cam he brought three rods along so he still had a couple of options to continue his fishing. Later we headed out on Heart Starter to do a spot of Giant Trevally popping, when Steve’s reel handle seized up. Chad stepped in to help fix the reel and Cam was nice enough to lend Steve his spare rod in the meantime. Steve quickly hooked a solid GT. Whilst fighting the GT somehow the reel fell off the rod (Cam)! Steve and our awesome decky Jake worked together to get  the reel back on the rod just in time as the Giant Trevally did a lap around the boat and took off on another run, then  *SNAP* rod and line gone! Poor Cam was down to one rod. 

Check out the image gallery below for some of the great adventures from this week’s Montebello Islands fishing charter.


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