ECO and ADVENTURE tours!

Fishing and guided tours along the remote Western Australian coast with Blue Lightning Charters.

Because of the beautiful and remote nature of the spectacular locations we fish on Blue Lightning Charters, there is a big sightseeing portion of every trip with us – but if you have a special sightseeing or whale watching trip in mind, contact us to discuss now!

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Surfing the Montebello Island

This is it! The holy grail of surfing. Nothing really compares to surfing somewhere remote, with empty line ups and pulsing swell lines. The water is so clean and clear and as you barrel down the face of the wave you can see the coral and fish life teaming under your feet.

In the afternoon the conditions can glass off and provide a classic left handed reef break running down the line and out to a deeper channel as it wraps around the reef.

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SUP Paradise

When the waves die and the line up goes quiet our paddlers rig up the cruise SUPs and head into the maze of limestone islands to explore and relax.

The Montebello Islands is a SUP paradise!

A number of tour paddles are possible throughout the trip. For example, a great little paddle through lagoon. Our drop off point is a large sand bar at the top off the lagoon. The water was only a few feet deep as we navigate through the sandbars and down the channel where it opens up to a beautiful little bay, with limestone shelves lining the shoreline.

The wildlife is abundant and as we paddle along with stingrays, eagle rays and reef sharks darting in front of our boards.

Anchoring the Huntress  in the lagoon, our paddlers can take turns in SUPing and diving in the clear sheltered waters.


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