The Montebello Islands – Fishing Paradise!

Our home away from home!

A boat for every occasion, allowing us to spend time in some of these remotest regions of WA where the fish bite the best.
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Remote Beauty

The Montebello Islands are an archipelago of around 174 small islands off the Pilbara coast of north-western Australia. Aptly named Montebello which is Italian for “beautiful mountain”, the islands form a conservation park administered by the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. Montebello Islands fishing is extraordinary as is the incredible scenery in this spectacular area.

The Montebello Islands were the site of three nuclear weapons tests during the 1950s (but these days the radiation levels are safe for visitors).

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Abundant Marine Life

Due to their remote nature, the islands offer virtually untouched beauty with many surrounded by white sandy beaches, barrier and fringing coral reefs, lagoons and channels with aquamarine waters that are home to a diverse range marine animals including more than 450 species of fish! Dugongs also forage among the seagrass and seaweed beds and more than 10 different species of whales and dolphins frequent the area.

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Billfish, GTs & Much More

The Montebello Islands fishing is exceptional with a great array of fish ranging from mud crabs to marlin. The Billfishing at the Montebello Islands is a stand out with a great combination of small black marlin and sailfish encountered each season. Out wide of the islands we have released blue marlin up to the 300kg range.

The Giant Trevally (GT) are also impressive in this area, we have released GT pushing the 50kg mark on Blue Lightning fishing charters. The amazing array of fish species at the Montebello Islands and the incredible, natural back drop make this a fishing destination not to be missed.

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Aboard Blue Lightning Montebello Islands Fishing charters we regularly catch species including:

Type of fishing Species to expect
Sportsfishing Various species of Trevally including the Mighty GT, & various Mackerel including the Spanish Mackerel, Tuna & Cobia
Reef fishing Rankin Cod, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, Coronation Trout just to name a few
Game fishing Black, , Black & Striped Marlin and Sailfish
Popping GT, Spanish Mackerel, Trevally, Tuna & the aggressive Coral Trout
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Full Days of Action!

Your days aboard Blue Lightning will be tailored to suit the group on board’s preferences. We often spend a great deal of time alternating between game, reef and sports fishing as well as exploring the Islands including visiting the bomb sights, and exploring the reefs.

The islands grounds offer excellent mackerel fishing as well as great GT fishing and light tackle sport fishing round the reefs where you can try to entice these magnificent creatures popping or with soft plastics out of Heart Starter or Blue Thunder.

With a history of starting charters in 2006 and dating back to the late 1990s, Blue Lightning Charters is the perfect choice for your Montebello Islands fishing charter.
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Montebello Season: Annually June-December

Light tackle: July to November for small blacks and sailfish being exceptional

Heavy tackle: November / December for the blue marlin

Take your pick from 5, 7 or 8 day (or custom!) live aboard charter options to fish the Montebello Islands.

You have endless options with Blue Lightning Charters living aboard our mothership vessel Blue Lightning III fishing on our 26ft Boston Whaler, Heart Starter and enjoying time at our pontoon at the Islands affectionately known as “The Cod Cave”.

Blue Lightning fishing charters has been operating charters to the incredible Montebello Islands for over 16 years. With this much experience we know all the best spots to fish, and have extensive knowledge of the history and geography of the area we refer to as “paradise”. 

Our fleet has been custom re-fitted, by us, to offer the best in live aboard fishing comfort.  Check out the Our Fleet page for more information on our awesome fleet of fishing vessels.

Our Pontoon, “The Cod Cave”, provides our customers with a great opportunity to stretch their legs and relax enjoying cold refreshments and nibbles while watching the sun go down.

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Getting to the Montebellos

You will depart from Perth on a short 2 hour flight into Karratha and Dampier where transport will be arranged for the short journey to the boat.

Arriving the day before the charter starts and sleeping on board, enables us to depart first thing in the morning, maximising your time on the water.

It is a 65 nautical mile journey from the mainland across to the islands, but once you get there – it’s almost like being in another world!

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All trips includes meals, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

  • BYO Alcohol
  • Clothing and toiletries (please restrict yourself to one bag)
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • TowelCamera
  • Seasick tablets
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Your favourite fishing tackle
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Cancellations – Montebellos Trips

If a booking is cancelled, or if passengers fail to arrive the cost of the charter will be forfeited.

Blue Lightning Charters will make all attempts to fill the places made available from any cancellation, and if successful, payment will be returned to you wherever possible with the exception of the $500 non-refundable deposit.

Blue Lightning Charters recommends that passengers arrange adequate cancellation policy insurance and/or adequate travel insurance

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Montes Fishing Gallery

Blue Lightning Charters Fleet