Fishing and guided tours along the remote Western Australian coast with Blue Lightning Charters.
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Blue Lightning Charters operates the ultimate vessels, ultimate locations, with the ultimate crew to give you the ultimate experience!

From the Abrolhos Islands to the Montebello Islands on the Western Australian coast, we can cater you the fishing, and adventure trip of a lifetime.

Western Australia’s Montebello Islands – Fishing Paradise

The Montebello Islands are an archipelago of around 174 small islands off the Pilbara coast of north-western Australia. Aptly named Montebello which is Italian for “beautiful mountain”, the islands form a conservation park administered by the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. Montebello Islands fishing is extraordinary as is the incredible scenery in this spectacular area.

Due to their remote nature, the islands offer virtually untouched beauty with many surrounded by white sandy beaches, barrier and fringing coral reefs, lagoons and channels with aquamarine waters that are home to a diverse range marine animals including more than 450 species of fish!

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The Montebello Island also offer opportunities for untapped eco-tours & adventures including the holy grail of surfing and SUP paradise.

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Western Australia’s Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands are located approximately 60 kilometres west of Geraldton and are made up of 122 islands clustered into three main groups extending over 100 kilometres north to south. The Abrolhos are in the stream of the Leeuwin Current  which creates a meeting place for tropical and temperate marine life and is the southernmost place where true corals will be found in WA. The water temperature at the Abrolhos is often several degrees warmer than on the coast itself which means that tropical species thrive here.

While the fishing at the Abrolhos Island is out of this world – there is much more to the islands to enjoy than the great fishing – its also know for great surfing as well as snorkelling, diving and even bird watching.

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