Personal bests a plenty at the Montebello Islands

Trevally Montebello islands wa blue lightning fishing charters

The other week we had a hectic week onboard Blue Lightning Charters with two charters running in sync. The first charter was one of our classic Montebello Islands fishing charters with a group of friends who flew all the way from Sydney NSW. The second charter will have it’s own …

chadleahPersonal bests a plenty at the Montebello Islands

A memorable return to the Montebello Islands

GT Montebello islands wa fishing charter

This week were pleased to see two of our regular customers Cam & Robbie with a crew they organised for a 7 day fishing charter to the Montebello Islands. These guys are keen anglers and love fishing the Montebello Islands almost as much as we do (ok maybe not that …

chadleahA memorable return to the Montebello Islands

Monties firsts & personal bests

Sailfish Montebello islands

This week’s trip to the Montebello Islands included a crew of individuals from WA and NSW as well as a couple of the crew from one of our favourite fishing stores Compleat Angler Nedlands. The crew headed out for an epic 7 day Montebello Islands fishing charter with hopes of …

chadleahMonties firsts & personal bests

Day off well Spent Sailfish Frenzy

What can we say, we love to fish Some people fish for a living, some people fish for fun, we live and breath fishing, so we do both.  Having completed our northern migration from the beautiful Abrolhos Islands off of Geraldton, up the West Australian coast to our second home …

chadleahDay off well Spent Sailfish Frenzy

Montebello Islands Season has Started

Montebello Islands 2018 Season has begun Our first charter for the Montebello Islands season started with a whole boat hire. The guys came to us from Western Australians and Victoria. This 7 day charter was windy, but that did not stop them catching lots of fish and having loads of …

chadleahMontebello Islands Season has Started

The Last Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charter for 2018

Dhu Fish Western Australia Abrolhos Islands

The final charter of our 2018 Abrolhos Islands fishing charter season is already here! For Captain Chad this was his 17th season at Abrolhos Islands and he has loved showing another great bunch of customers the awesome fishing, stunning landscapes and history of these awesome islands off remote Western Australia. …

chadleahThe Last Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charter for 2018

An Abrolhos Islands fishing intro

Dhu fish Abrolhos islands wa experience fishing charter

This week we had Gavin and crew on Blue Lightning III for a 5 day charter to the ever amazing Abrolhos Islands. These guys were really in for a treat everyone’s first time to the Abrolhos Islands. Chad and I were in our element as we love being able to …

chadleahAn Abrolhos Islands fishing intro

Anzac day fishing at the Abrolhos Islands

Blue Lightning Abrolhos Islands live aboard fishing charter

Anzac day fishing at the Abrolhos Islands What a hectic week this one was! We had a group out on San Souci visiting and interacting with all things Abrolhos islands, while we also had a crew from all over WA out in Blue Lightning III. From what I’ve heard it …

chadleahAnzac day fishing at the Abrolhos Islands

Abrolhos Islands Yellow Fin Tuna Adventures

Leah PB spangled emperor female angler

Abrolhos Islands Yellow Fin Tuna Adventures This week we had the chance to showcase the spectacular Abrolhos Islands to a crew from far and wide including Perth and Melbourne for a 5 day fishing charter.   Personal Best Fishing Day 1 kicked off with a bang as we left Batavia …

chadleahAbrolhos Islands Yellow Fin Tuna Adventures

Family Abrolhos Islands fishing

Abrolhos islands game fishing

The Abrolhos Islands fishing season for 2018  is well and truly underway with some great fun fishing and the Abrolhos’ typically beautiful sightseeing. This week we had a family of brothers, their dad, uncle and couple of mates on board for a great 4 day charter to the Abrolhos Islands. …

chadleahFamily Abrolhos Islands fishing