Montebello Islands Regulars Return

Sailfish western australia fishing charter

This week’s crew of anglers were mostly Blue Lightning Charters regulars who travel from Melbourne on an annual basis for a Montebello Islands charter and we were very excited to welcome them back on board. This year they brought along two Montebello Islands newbies to experience the incredible fishing for …

chadleahMontebello Islands Regulars Return

A WA Billfishing Charter

Giant Trevally Montebello Islands

A WA Billfishing Charter   If you’re a regular reader of our Blue Lightning Charters blog you will be well aware of Captain Chad’s passion (read obsession) for billfishing. In November we put together a crew for a 7 day billfishing charter to the Montebello Islands. The crew was made …

chadleahA WA Billfishing Charter

Individual fishing fun

Red Emperor wa best fishing charter

Sorry this blog is a little late 😉 The other week we had a 7 day individual charter with most of the crew hailing from WA. It was a great mix of guys with varying levels of fishing experience. This crew were so special they were greeted in Dampier with …

chadleahIndividual fishing fun

Bottom Fishing and Sailfish at the Montebello Islands

Sailfish gamefishing charter blue lightning charters WA

Bottom Fishing and Sailfish at the Montebello Islands Last week we were joined by a group who had travelled to Karratha from the length and breadth of Australia, amongst the group were regulars that have been with us for years, and a few of their friends who were newbies who …

chadleahBottom Fishing and Sailfish at the Montebello Islands

WA Billfish Babes

Sailfish montebello islands amazing billfishing

WA Billfish Babes Check out this great article written by our good friend Audi for Billfish Babes Facebook page. In Western Australia we count ourselves very fortunate for many reasons. For the purpose of this piece I’d like to introduce you to just a few of our blessings. Firstly, we …

chadleahWA Billfish Babes

Magic Montebello Islands Sailfish

Sailfish WA

Magic Montebello Islands Sailfish This week we had a great crew on board who travelled all the way from Melbourne for their Blue Lightning Montebello Islands fishing charter. The crew included a few newbies Steve, Michael and Gary. Day 1: Jigging & Plastics at the Montebello Islands As we woke …

chadleahMagic Montebello Islands Sailfish

Sportsfishing Innovators- Featuring Sensational Sailfish

GT landbased aswb stickbait

Sportsfishing Innovators- Featuring Sensational Sailfish This week’s blog is thanks to our wonderful friend and keen angler Audi. Thanks Audi. The Blue Lightning team were thrilled to welcome back Jason Taylor’s Sportsfishing Innovators for a 9 day Montebello Islands fishing charter.  This year marked Jason’s 10th consecutive year of coming …

chadleahSportsfishing Innovators- Featuring Sensational Sailfish

Sailfish Spectacle

Sailfish Montebello Islands billfish record Blue lightning fishing charters

Sailfish Spectacle What a day…. Whilst the stars were still shining bright in the night sky, Captain Chad had Blue Lightning slipping out of the Montebello Islands and heading out wide. Jason Taylor’s Innovative Sportsfishing group were down in their bunks dreaming of their previous days fishing success and why …

chadleahSailfish Spectacle

A Sailfish Record- An anglers perspective

Sailfish WA blue lightning charters record

A Sailfish Record This blog was written by our customer Jason Taylor. Jason is a sponsored angler who has been taking part in Blue Lightning Charters for 10 years. It’s always a great trip aboard Blue Lightning Charters, and this week marked my 10th year of visiting the Montebello Islands …

chadleahA Sailfish Record- An anglers perspective

Scintillating Sportsfishing

Sailfish Montebello Islands Karatha WA billifish Blue Lightning Charters

Scintillating Sportsfishing Thanks to our regular customer Geoff for guest writing this week’s blog!   This week I organized some of my mates from Melbourne for a Blue Lightning Montebello Islands fishing charter. The crew consisting of Rod, Turgay, Bruce, Guy, Paul, Cam, Phil and myself. We all arrived at …

chadleahScintillating Sportsfishing