Magic Montebello Islands Sailfish

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Magic Montebello Islands Sailfish

This week we had a great crew on board who travelled all the way from Melbourne for their Blue Lightning Montebello Islands fishing charter. The crew included a few newbies Steve, Michael and Gary.

Day 1: Jigging & Plastics at the Montebello Islands

As we woke on day 1 in Dampier we were greeted by winds of 15-18 knots. Captain Chad suggested we go for a few jigging and plastics sessions as we made our way out to the Montebello Islands. Mick was using plastics and jigs for the first time. He was stoked to catch his first ever Rankin Cod. Steve was also a first time plastic and jigs user, catching his first ever Coral Trout, Rankin Cod and Cobia. It was proving to be a great start to the crew’s Montebello Islands fishing adventure. Next up was Nick who caught his first ever Cobia and also a few Rankin Cod which he had caught previously. Rankin Cod were definitely the dominant species with most guys catching them.

The newbies first impressions of the islands:

Gary: “remote, beautiful very different”

Mick: “besides the lack of vegetation, unique and colourful”

Steve: “raw and powerful”

As we arrived at the Cod Cave (Blue Lightning’s pontoon) were greeted by our beloved “pets” Kodak and Fuji the Queensland Groper.


Day 2: Global Venture Island Fishing

To kickstart their first full day at the Montebello Islands the crew decided to take advantage of Blue Lightning Charters latest addition Global Venture. We  spent the day trolling, casting and swimming at a beautiful beach as it was such a warm Montebello Islands day. As the day went on the wind died down allowing us to enjoy everything the Monties have to offer. This week it was like someone flicked the switch to the heat. The sun was warm and during the days you actually wanted to go for a swim.

First Galore

Gary was a very happy angler, casting to catch his 1st ever GT and also managing his 1st Shark Mackerel while trolling. Mick was also impressed catching his first Coral Trout while trolling. Unfortunately for Curly his day was not so hot as he got squirted with ink, but tomorrow will be a new day and you never know what the Montebello Islands will throw at you. A personal best Golden Trevally while casting put a grin on Simon’s face which he followed up with his 1st Mack Tuna. Nick was part of a double hook up which resulted in his biggest Black Spot Trevally to date, leaving him smiling from ear to ear. For Steve casting up the front of Global Venture was a highlight of the day as well as landing himself a Black Spot Trevally and Mack Tuna. He also had plenty of fun Squidding. Catch of the day went to Tom with a double hookup, on one lure catching a Coral Trout and a Spangled Emperor on a trolling lure. To round out the group Gibb was stoked to see the crew casting for GT and to catch his biggest ever on a Halco lure. Day 2 for this crew was filled with firsts and PBs meaning Chad and I were all smiles.


Day 3

As we woke on day 3 we were greeted by a beautiful day on the water. We made the most of the favourable conditions spending most of the day reef fishing with plastics and jigs. The guys finished off the day with a variety of quality Montebello Islands species including Rankin Cod, Coral Trout, Long Nose Emperor and Spangled Emperor. Once again Rankin Cod were the dominant species of the day. To finish off we had a very hot session on Mackerel trolling and casting.


Day 4

As day 4 dawned the guys were pretty keen to try their luck at some billfishing for the day. A very happy Captain Chad helped us make our way out to the billfishing grounds. You could say the Sailfish were hungry; within literally 15minutes of the teasers going in we had a 5 way hook up. What a way to start the billfishing day… Steve, Gibb, Simon, Curly and Nick landed the 5 way hookup. Steve, Gibb, Simon, and Curly catching their first EVER Sailfish each made for much excitement on the boat. Before long we had another multi hook up, this time a 3 way hook up with Mick, Tom and Gary. All three guys caught their first ever Sailfish. This day was already turning into something Blue Lightning dreams are made of, the combination of Billfish and fishing firsts is guaranteed to put a smile on all our faces. The day was just getting started though and we didn’t have to wait long until it was a 4 way hook up on the deck with Gibb, Tom, Steve, Simon each landing another Sailfish each. The multiple hookups just kept coming, we couldn’t believe our eyes as the next round of hookups came rolling in. Next was a 5 way hookup with Gibb, Nick and Tom catching and releasing 3 sensational WA Sailfish. A 4 way hook up was the next lot of action on the deck, although the boys lost 1 Tom, Nick and Curly landed 3, with Nick managing to catch his Sailfish on a stickbait. For the final multiple hookup of the day the Sailfish decided to put on an extra show. The 3 Sailfish went crazy going in every direction you can imagine. Jason, Simon and myself (Leah) were on the rods and with such a crazy battle I found myself getting very very low on the spool. After a great little battle we all landed our Sailfish. Jason’s on a stickbait and myself being the last to reel in another sensational Sailfish. The whole crew could not have been happier 21 Sailfish in a single day on Saturday 21 October 2017. To really set off another unbelievable day of fishing at the Montebello Islands we were treated to a spectacular sunset. It was easy for this crew to see why we have so much love for these incredible islands.


Day 5

After such a huge day of fishing on day 5 the crew on board Blue Lightning III were a little slow to start day5, they were suffering what we call another sailfish hangover. Completely exhausted and with the adrenalin and memories of day 4 still fresh in all our minds the guys opted for a chilled out, land based session for day 5. They caught Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor and some Cod. Jason managed to catch his personal best land based Coral Trout and Spangled Emperor and was all smiles as a result. The crew were lucky enough to see dugongs and a calf. The Montebello Islands were really showing off. The rest of the day was spent aboard Global Venture. The crew decided on a casting session which resulted in some Shark Mackerel, however the prize GTs just did not want to come out and play.


Day 6

Jason, Steve and Tom made a very early start to day 6 and went land based fishing. They managed to get a few follows from GT’s, with Jason hooking one but unfortunately he lost it and they returned to the “Cod Cave” with a few stories to tell. For the rest of us we started our morning on Global Venture. I took the guys to see the old gensets and where the nuclear weapons tests were conducted on Trimouille Island. I love sharing the eery and surreal history of these breathtaking islands.

As the day went on the crew decided to try their hand at casting and popping, it was disappointing but unfortunately no fish wanted to play. We made our way back to Cod Cave where everyone boarded Blue Lightning III for the rest of the day. Next up was a jigging session, it was a bit quiet but the crew did have some fun on Trevally. Simon caught a sweet 10kg Golden Trevally, that impressed us all. Next up was casting and trolling which resulted in plenty of Mackerel fun. Gibb caught a big Spanish Mackerel which definitely put a smile on his face.


Day 7

Day 7 was yet again upon us, the boys decided to make the most of an early morning session and head to the islands for a land based session. The crew were happy to catch some Coral Trout and Spangled Emperor to round out their morning. Before long though it was time for the journey back to Dampier. With Captain Bill at the helm, the crew started jigging on the way home, the water colour had definitely improved from the previous day and the crew were stoked to be put straight on the fish. The session resulted in some sweet action including Rankin Cod, big Coral Trout, Golden Trevally and Gold Spot Trevally.


The crew trolled to the next spot and picked up Spanish Mackerel, Shark Mackerel and Gold Spot Trevally in a session that was packed with action.

The next jig spot saw some more Rankin Cod action as well as a big GT. Before more Mackerel and Trevally species were caught while trolling. In the final drop for the charter the crew unfortunately dropped some big, unstoppable fish but did reel in some nice size Rankin Cod to really finish of the charter. Day 7 saw Steve reel in a personal best GT, with Nick’s Coral Trout and Simon’s Cod also proving to be great highlights. The Montebello Islands really turned it on for this great bunch of blokes with the final day of the charter really topping it off.


Until next time, happy fishing



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