Abrolhos Islands Fishing- How the Abrolhos Islands stole our hearts…

Abrolhos Islands highlights

How the Abrolhos Islands stole our hearts…

The love story begins

The 2016 season marks 16 seasons that our Head Skipper Chad Mills has been exploring the beautiful Abrolhos Islands.

Way back in 2001 Chad visited the Abrolhos Islands as a deckhand for his Dad Bill where he fell in love with the area.
In 2002, Bill and Chad built a 36ft Black Watch known as Blue Lightning II into a live aboard game fishing vessel.  By 2006 it was time for an update and with the Abrolhos and Montebello Islands in mind, Chad and Bill bought Blue Lightning III. They then  fully refit her to cater for long range live-aboard charters. She started out as a crayfishing boat but with some (very) hard work, and knowledge Bill and Chad set up Blue Lightning III to become an awesome charter fishing vessel with the best technology available.

Fishing highlights quickly followed

Before long some of Captain Chad Mills’ career fishing highlights had him “hooked” on fishing at the Abrolhos Islands. One such highlight was back in 2002, while heavy tackle marlin fishing out wide of the islands Chad and Bill were sitting in the bridge when they spotted birds working on schools of yellowfin tuna. They began steering the boat in the opposite direction as believe it or not the schools of yellowfin tuna (averaging between 30 and 60 kg) were becoming a nuisance.  Each time they got near them all 5 rods would go off and with 4 of us on the deck and Bill fighting the 5th from the bridge it was absolute (fun) chaos. Another repeated highlight for Captain Chad Mills has been the Blue Marlin in the area.  Customers (and crew) on Blue Lightning Charters have caught and released some great Blue Marlin up to the estimated 300kg range in and around the Abrolhos Islands. 

But why are the Abrolhos Islands so special?

The Abrolhos Islands provide some very different and incredible scenery with pristine waters amazing fishing, excellent snorkelling and rich history.

When it comes to fishing the Abrolhos Islands has it all. From amazing shallow water fishing, to great reef fishing, to sports fishing and heavy tackle marlin fishing.

The history and ship wrecks at the Abrolhos make it an interesting place to visit, particularly if you have never explored these incredible islands. The team at Blue Lightning Charters love to showcase this amazing history. When the conditions are right we take customers to dive around the Batavia wreck. The Abrolhos Islands provide some of our favourite spots to dive and explore.

The Islands are a great fishery for southern WA species and with plenty of Dhu Fish, Pink Snapper, Baldchin Groper and Coral Trout on offer (just to mention a few) it is easy to love the Abrolhos Islands. The versatility of reef fishing is downright awesome. The Abrolhos Islands provide a great hunting area for sports fish such as Spanish Mackeral, Shark Mackeral, Striped Tuna and  Yellowfin Tuna looking for a feed and out a little wider all 3 species of marlin blue, black and striped have all been encountered on Blue Lightning Charters.


Chad and the Blue Lightning Charters team have been running amazing Abrolhos Islands fishing charters ever since and cannot wait to get back to Geraldton in April 2016 for another incredible season.

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