GT, Sailfish, Mackerel- Week 8- Montebello Islands

Sailfish North West WA

GT, Sailfish, Mackerel- Week 8- Montebello Islands

This week’s group actually met back in July 2013 on an individual charter aboard Blue Lightning to the Montebello Islands. since then they kept in contact with their fisho mates and here they are again with a few newbies to the group for another 7 day charter to the Montebello Islands. 

What a week it’s been with lots of laughs, good weather, great fishing and great company.

Every night they had a tribal meeting best catch, or if they did something outstanding they got to wear the captains hat the next day and give orders. The biggest stuff up of the day had to wear wench costume, and serve and look after the rest of them. Theresa was nominated the first day because she put her mates Neville’s reel on upside down, Nev was also nominated as he used the reel so they shared the outfit. Gaz wore it to the pub on the last night he definitely got a few weird looks.

The first day was a great start to their trip with Mick landing a 25-30kg mackerel and Theresa got her personal best coral trout. Richard’s double header of coral trout, Hayzy with a 10kg red emperor made the first day one to remember. Paul from this group still holds the record for the biggest red emperor on Blue Lightning with a 12.5kg, so everyone on this trip was trying to beat it but all failed on this trip.

Gaz wanted a red bass and a GT, he managed to get both in 2 casts the red bass was caught in first cast with a sinking stick bait, and the next cast landed him a GT. Hayzy also got his very first GT.

Trawling a long and we see a sailfish free jumping which got everyone excited and lines were in, Paul got his very first sailfish and Hayzy also managed his first sailfish.

There were lots of personal bests this week. With a wide variety of fish caught, and released the dominant species were red emperor and coral trout.

There was a also a variety of fishing from popping, to trawling, bottom bouncing, as well as plastics, beach fishing and game fishing.

It has been a great week with smiles all around, the whole group is looking forward to the next one. 

Captain Chads highlight for the week would have to be his beautiful wife surprising him with a visit (well maybe I decided that one lol!!!)

We had some amazing afternoons, with calm weather for playing golf off the pontoon, not sure who was the best but our Decky Jake hits the furthest.

I have not been on board the charters much lately but it’s so good to be back on board, on the ocean, and with my boys in one my favorite places the Montebello Islands.

It was good to have Theresa on board as I had a boot camp buddy and what an amazing place for a work out.



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Captain Chad Mills Blue Lightning Charters
Surely the highlight of Captain Chad’s week was his beautiful wife surprising him
Dampier WA Fishing
We caught quite a lot as we were leaving Dampier towards the Montebello Islands
North West WA fishing
It didn’t take long for us to get our first bites
GT Montebello Islands North West WA
A GT is always a highlight of a Monties Trip
GT Montebello Islands
A GT from week 8 of the 2015 Montebello Islands Season
Rod bend Fishing WA
Check out the bend in that rod
Heart Starter beach fishing and GT Popping WA
Heart Starter helps us get in nice and close for beach fishing and some GT Popping
Coral Trout WA Fishing
One of the great Coral Trout caught on this week’s 7 day fishing charter to the Montebello Islands
Coral Trout Fishing WA
Theresa got a personal best coral trout on her second trip to the Monties this season
mix of fish species WA
We caught a real mixed bag of species this week
Fishing Charter
This week the captain’s hat meant you could order everyone around for the day
Red Emperor WA Montebello Islands
Great weather and great fishing off the Montebello Islands WA
coral trout and red emperor
Coral trout and red emperor were just some of the mixed bag of species we caught on this week’s charter
Fishing Blue lightning Charters
What a fun week aboard Blue Lightning Charters
Fishing Montebello Islands WA
We got a real mixed bag of species this week
Monties Fishing
It was a great week of 1st’s and PBs this week
Coral Trout WA Montebello Islands
Theresa got a PB coral trout this week
Whale Monte Bello Islands
Even the Whales wanted to join the fun of this week’s Montie’s Charter
Chad Mills Fishing WA Montebello Islands
Captain Chad got a couple of seconds to relax this week
Mackerel North West WA
A great Mackerel caught on this week’s Montebello Islands Fishing Charter
Fishing WA
It was a real mixed bag of fish this week
Chad Mills Blue Lightning Charters
Captain Chad served up some great meals this week lol
Montebello Islands Landscape WA
The Monties really put on a show for my first week back on board Blue Lightning
Montebello Islands beautiful landscape
The Montebello Islands once again showing us their beauty
Fish WA Blue Lightning Charters
The fish were really biting this week
pontoon golf Montebello Islands
Captain Chad having a bit of driving practice off the pontoon
fishing Western Australia
A great week with a great group
Montebello Islands Wave
Montebello Islands Wave
Blue Lightning WA
A great week of fishing and weather with a great bunch on board Blue Lightning
Pontoon Golf Blue Lightning Charters
Pontoon Golf Blue Lightning Charters
Pontoon Golf Blue lightning Charters
Blue Lightning WA Montebello Islands
Blue Lightning moored at our pontoon at the Montebello Islands
Sailfish game fishing WA Montebello Islands
One of the highlights of the week a beautiful sailfish
Sailfish Montebello Islands
This sailfish was all lit up when we tagged and released it off the Montebello Islands WA
Sailfish Blue Lightning Charters
A sailfish caught on this week’s 7 day fishing charter to the Montebello Islands
Montebello Islands fishing WA
The captain’s hat and wench costume added some extra fun to an already great week on the water
Montebello Islands Landscape
The Montebello Islands in all their glory
Montebello Landscape North West WA
We took a break from GT popping and game fishing to take in the beauty of the Monties
Montebello Islands Landscape
Montebello Islands Landscape
Montebello Islands Landscape
Montebello Islands Landscape
Montebello Islands Landscape beautiful
Theresa was my boot camp buddy this week and what a place to work out
Montebello Islands WA landscape
I couldn’t be happier to be back out on the water and visiting the beautiful Montebello Islands
Monties WA
The Monties are just breathtaking
Food Blue Lightning Charters
We had a good feed or two
Montebello Islands cliffs
Montebello Islands cliffs
Montebello Islands Atomic testing site
Theresa made a great boot camp buddy this week
Blue Lighting Charters Montebello Islands pontoon
The Monties from our pontoon
WA fishing charter
A great group with lots of laughs
coral trout WA
Our star decky Jake with an awesome coral trout
fun Blue Lightning Charters
The wench outfit sure made us laugh
Fishing GT, sailfish and mackerel
It was a real mixed bag of species this week including GTs, Sailfish and Mackerel
We love doing some GT popping as well as game fishing on our Blue Lightning Charters

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