Abrolhos Islands Yellow Fin Tuna Adventures

Leah PB spangled emperor female angler

Abrolhos Islands Yellow Fin Tuna Adventures

This week we had the chance to showcase the spectacular Abrolhos Islands to a crew from far and wide including Perth and Melbourne for a 5 day fishing charter.


Personal Best Fishing

Day 1 kicked off with a bang as we left Batavia Harbour in search of some fun and adventures. Rod was first up with an epic PB pink snapper before Anthony scored himself a good sized Pink Snapper as well. The crew were stoked to reel in Dhu Fish, plenty of Pink Snapper and Baldchin Groper. We were stoked to see the great array of Abrolhos Islands species coming out to play. Before long though it was time for Captain Chad’s favourites to come out. We cranked out the big, game rods in the hope of being part of an epic battle. It was quiet for a while, but then, when we least expected it the ratchet on the Shimano reel went screaming off. Our hearts started pounding and the energy on board Blue Lightning III immediately changed, the excitement built. Unfortunately for all of us the fish spat the hook and we were all disappointed that the battle was over, but that’s fishing and this is only day 1. We topped off the day catching some nice squid which made for a delicious dinner.

An Early Start for Abrolhos Islands Fishing

The boys were keen to enjoy their time at the Abrolhos Islands and most were up bright and early to start fishing. Anthony was lucky, catching himself a nice Baldchin Groper on a stickbait, his first on a stickbait. The crew were stoked to enjoy plenty of top water fishing action and had plenty of fun. As we moved to a new location and pulled the anchor we were surrounded by one of my ocean favourites, dolphins. They put on a show playing and jumping on the bow as we moved along.

Amberjack Fun

Before long we were back to fishing action and the crew were catching fish after fish. Anthony scored himself his first Spangled Emperor on a stickbait as well as an Amberjack. Meanwhile, Murray and Jake scored themselves a Shark Mackerel each. Rod experimented using plastics for the very first time, scoring himself his very first Amberjack for his efforts. Mike was also in luck catching his first Samson fish. Before we changed things up and tried our hand at bottom fishing. The crew had a good little session reeling in Dhu Fish, Baldchin Groper and some nice Spangled Emperor. To cap off the day we rescued a boat that was on anchor, doing our bit to help someone in need.


Exploring the Abrolhos Islands

Day 3 and it was time to really explore the amazing offerings of the Abrolhos Islands. We love the unique mix of great fishing, sightseeing, amazing snorkeling and history that these islands possess. We kick started the day with some trolling with the boys disappointed to lose each of the fish that dared bite. We made our way to the Abrolhos Islands anemone lump where the guys had the opportunity to swim with a great array of species including Pink and Yellow Tail King Fish. They had a ball snorkeling and exploring one of my favourite places to snorkel on the planet, the Abrolhos Islands.

Bottom Fishing

Once the crew had explored the anemone lump they decided to move on to try their hand at a little bottom fishing. It was a fun little session with Murray catching his first Baldchin Groper on a jig. I was stoked to land my personal best Spangled Emperor an awesome 80cm. The crew ended the bottom fishing session with a nice array Baldchin Groper, Spangled Emperor and Pink Snapper. To reward ourselves after a great day of fishing we headed to the local pub for a couple of refreshments.


Amazing Abrolhos Islands Weather

We woke bright and early on day 4 of this Abrolhos Islands fishing charter to an absolutely amazing day. We started the day with a bottom fishing session which was a little slow, the crew managed to catch some Red Throat Emperor and Coral Trout which certainly put a smile on their faces. Next up it was time for some top water action, the crew reeled in a number of Spanish Mackerel to start the session off with a bang. Soon, Murray scored his 1st ever Yellow Fin Tuna, good sized one that impressed us all. The Yellow Fin were certainly on the bite with a double hook up resulting in one dropped and a triple hook up where the boys scored two Yellow Fin Tuna to add to their tally. Rod was one happy fisherman catching his first ever Yellow Fin Tuna to round out a great day of fishing and adventures at the Abrolhos Islands.

Casting Lures

The final day of this 5 day Abrolhos Islands fishing charter was already upon us. We decided a big breakfast was in order. We were disappointed to see that we may be getting some rain and so got started on our first session of the day with the boys having some fun casting lures. The highlight of the day though was a school of Shark Mackerel putting on a show for the whole crew. To top off the charter the crew caught some sweet Coral Trout before we headed back to Geraldton to end another epic Abrolhos Islands fishing charter.

Until next time, happy fishing


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