Family Abrolhos Islands fishing

Abrolhos islands game fishing

The Abrolhos Islands fishing season for 2018  is well and truly underway with some great fun fishing and the Abrolhos’ typically beautiful sightseeing. This week we had a family of brothers, their dad, uncle and couple of mates on board for a great 4 day charter to the Abrolhos Islands.

Trolling a lumpy sea

We headed out early on day one, trolling our way across a lumpy sea. Greg was up first getting himself a Stripe Tuna. With the weather not being ideal and the top water fish being quiet, we stopped for a try at the bottom fish. Nathan was on fire hauling in a great sized pink snapper, so big it was his PB! Not a bad way to start a 4 day charter. To top off his Pink Snapper he then caught a beautiful and very yummy Coral Trout. Both fish were caught on soft plastics, which goes to show trying something new really does pay off. This was Nathan’s first ever time using a soft plastic, I definitely think he’s converted!

Northern & Southern WA species meet

We headed on toward the islands. One of the things we love about the Abrolhos is it is where the northern species meet the southern species. Nathan was once again on the ball, conjuring up his very first Red Emperor. Even though it was too small to keep, it’s still great to see them this far south. With the boys wanting to watch the footy over the weekend, we headed toward Pigeon Island to spend the night on the jetty and get out of the wind. The boys were lucky enough to head up to the local pub and have a couple of refreshments side by side with the Abrolhos Islands locals.

Fishing hard body lures

To kickstart day 2 we decided to troll hard body lures, it proved to be hard going. Once again the winds were not ideal so Captain Chad parked us up in the shallows for a try at the ever popular Baldchin Groper. The boys went for a swim, coming back with the goods! Yummy crayfish for dinner tonight! The boys headed back up to the pub after dinner for a few more refreshments and to watch the footy. Glad to say the eagles won. We were all looking forward to the better weather that was due the next day.

Lure fishing in our wake

The boys awoke on day 3 with a big breaky to give them the energy they needed for a big day of fishing ahead. After the boys had their stomachs fill, the lures were back out in our wake. We didn’t have to wait too long before Paddy was on with a good sized Shark Mackerel. The bites were few and far between so we turned our hand to the bottom fish, with all the guys pulling up some lovely fish.

Yellow Fin Tuna adventures

With the guys itching to try their luck with a Marlin, the big girls came out. Within 15-20min the reel started peeling off. Luke was strapped in the chair to fight his Yellow Fin Tuna. It didn’t take long for us to reset the spread and then we were amazed to soon have another hit. We didn’t see what this was but it had everyone on their toes when it struck! Nathan was having a hot few days, nabbing himself a Yellow Fin Tuna.

Abrolhos Islands perfect fishing weather

What an amazing day! This is what we had been waiting for! The wind had dropped, as if it had never been there all. It was the perfect day to show the guys some of the rich history that these islands have to offer; the Batavia wreck. It doesn’t matter how many times I am blessed to swim at this wreck I am always truly amazed! To be able to see so plainly where this merchant ship in 1629 crashed into the reef is just astounding. With the guys all back on board they were ready to get back to the fishing at hand. Back in the shallow water, the Baldchin Groupe were hot on the chew, giving the boys a run for their money. With time all too quickly running out, Captain Chad pointed us toward home. Running along the middle group, showing the crew just how beautiful these islands really are!

Although the fishing proved to be difficult this week with the harsh wind conditions, the guys all had a blast and to be given the opportunity to dive on the Batavia I’m sure was a highlight for many of them.

Until next time happy fishing


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