Abrolhos Islands Season has Begun

Abrolhos Islands Season has begun

Well its that time of year again and as always, we’re as busy as ever preparing for our busy year ahead with all of our awesome new and returning customers! We look forward to our season at the Abrolhos Islands.

Day 1 First trip for the season

This week we welcomed a group of friends from all over the place! These boys had come from Kalgoorlie, Newdegate, Perth and even as far as Ballarat in Victoria. This would be a whole new experience for 6 of the 8 crew, with only 2 having been to the stunning Abrolhos Islands before. To say they were excited would be an understatement.

We pulled out of the harbor bright and early on Friday Morning and steamed our way towards the islands. Captain Chad relished being back in the hot seat and soon found the guys a hot spot full of Mackerel, Tuna and Yellowtail Kingfish to troll through. Brendan landed his first ever Stripe Tuna and a Mackerel that was unfortunately not big enough, so it went back to fight another day. Not to be outdone, Toro hauled in a fair-sized Yellowtail Kingfish, a new species to be able to tick off his bucket list.

Abrolhos Islands bottom fishing

Capt. Chad moved us on towards the islands a bit further and onto some decent bottom ground. Brendan was on fire hoisting two great sized Dhufish into the boat. Even though the bottom fishing was slow, the boys managed to get some nice fish onboard, including pink snapper, baldchin groper and red throat emperor. We pulled up for the night with the boys spinning tales about their catches and taking in the beauty of the Abrolhos islands.

Day 2 Abrolhos Islands mixed bag

We awoke early on day 2, with the crew looking forward to an exciting day of bottom fishing. Kai wasn’t to be disappointed with his first ever Breaksea Cod. These fish aren’t highly sought after as a trophy fish but they are mighty tasty and one of the more common fish found in these waters. Tim also had a cracker day reeling in his first ever Spangled Emperor and finally nabbing himself his first ever legal sized Dhufish! The whole crew had a fantastic day catching a good variety of species of fish including Spangled Emperor, Pink Snapper, Break Sea Cod, Dhufish, Red Throat Emperor.

Day 3 Top water action

A scrumptious breakfast prepared by the crew, was what greeted the crew on their 3rd and final day. After they had had their fill we steamed off, with Capt Chad once again producing the goods and finding the boys another hot top water session. With Yellowfin Tuna and Spanish Mackerel proving to be the most prominent species, Stampy didn’t have to wait too long to pick up his first ever Yellowfin Tuna closely followed by Rob also with his very first YFT. Toro was ecstatic to reel in a Coral Trout, which managed to sneak into the mix also! Once the feeding frenzy had dispersed on the surface we headed off in search of some gnarly bottom ground to tire the crew out on their last day. The bottom fishing turned on the goods with an abundance of Pink Snapper and Baldchin Grouper putting the boys muscles to the test.

Time goes way to fast

With time too quickly running out (as it does when you’re too busy fishing!), we steamed back in towards the marina. The 3 day experience wasn’t over yet though, with a pod of dolphins following close behind Blue Lightning III, frolicking and showing off in the wake. Is there a better way to finish showing off the beauty that surrounds the magnificent Abrolhos Islands?!


We hope to see you again crew and thanks for making our first charter back for the season fabulous.


Until next time, happy fishing


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Toro with a crayfish



Abrolhos Islands beautiful sunset


Father and son Stampy with a Yellow Fin Tuna and Kai with a Spanish Mackerel