San Francisco to the Abrolhos Islands

First time fishing in WA

This week our very excited customer headed our way all the way from the beautiful San Francisco! Ben traveled for 18 hours across the globe, purely to fish the Abrolhos Islands with us. Now that is the type of commitment we like to see . We called upon our local legends and extra decky’s Pete and Randall to come along and offer Ben the moral support we knew he would need should we manage to find a sneaky billfish, which is always an option at the ever wonderful Abrolhos Islands.

West is Best

With Ben arriving early and eager the night before, we pushed off from the Batavia Marina early Tuesday morning, heading west to our backyard, the Abrolhos Islands. Ben having come from San Francisco had never fished in WA before, so was eagerly looking forward to the many different species that he would be able to tick off his bucket list. We headed across to the Wallabi group, so after a few hours steaming we were ready to drop a jig or two. Ben was on within moments, luring in his first ever Coral Trout on a Reeldiculous Fishing jig. Ben wasted no time in hooking into his next fish, another first, a Spangled Emperor. Not wanting to out fish the rest of the crew so early on, Ben made the best of the awesome clarity of the water and the warm weather and was whisked away over the back of the boat with the boys, in search of the shy and bashful Western Rock Lobster, or as we know it, the crayfish. With their skills put to the test, the boys managed to catch enough Crayfish to sustain us for a couple of days, yum!

Breakfast fit for a San Franciscan

The crew awoke on day 2 to a scrumptious breakfast. Chad set Ben a challenge to see if he would get sick of crayfish, so Crayfish and toast for breakfast it was. Yes please! After finishing off their breakfast fit for a San Franciscan, we headed out in search of some more first’s for Ben. We started with a troll past some schools of bait! Ben had his arms stretched on his first ever Spanish Mackerel and shortly after he followed it up with the Spanish’s cousin, a Shark Mackerel. Randal got in on the action with another Spanish, closely followed by Pete with a Striped Tuna. We turned in closer toward Beacon Island for an up-close look. Heading back out Pete managed to get a coral trout, a bit deeper and Randall managed to pick up a nice Yellow Fin Tuna. We were in for some yummy Sashimi tonight! But not before Ben reeled in another Spanish Mackerel to add to his fish count. We headed towards Pigeon Island where we would moore up for the night.

Local Watering Hole

We are extremely lucky to be able to head up on the island to hang with the locals at their local watering hole. Ben had a great night chatting with the local crowd and especially talking with Spags about all things Abrolhos. We love being welcomed on the island and we enjoy helping to support the local community. Thanks guys!

Double Blues on the bite

We started the final day with a troll, which proved a great idea, with Ben hauling in another Shark Mackeral and his first ever Samson fish. Don’t they put up a fight! Randal also managing to pull aboard a nice Amber Jack. With the perfect weather, and the boys itching to go out wide, Capt. Chad turned Blue Lightning III toward the Marlin grounds. The Tiagra 80w and 130w, or as we like to call them “The Big Girls”, came out on deck. Pete and Randal, our local Marlin experts, having just taken out the Halco Abrolhos Islands Game Fishing Tournament 2018, were on deck and quickly set up the spread of lures and teasers while Capt. Chad focused on finding us some nice ground. The lures went in and we all sat back for what could be a long wait, you never can rush this Marlin fishing! Ben was snoozing away when all of a sudden not one but Two of the reels started screaming. We had found Marlin within 20 minutes of the lures being in the water! I could barely contain my excitement as I woke Ben and explained “We’re on!!!”. Ben frantically scrambled down the back of the boat, quickly getting his rod set up in the chair and beginning the fight. Unfortunately the other one wasn’t to be and the marlin quickly spat the hook. It was all up to Ben now! Having an experienced crew was exceptional to watch as Capt Chad backed up on the fish, Ben furiously winding, Randal ready to grab the leader, and Pete ready to lend a hand, and myself helping Ben turn this way and that in the game chair. Marlin fishing really is a great team sport! After a quick fight, Randal had the leader and Ben had completed his first ever Blue Marlin capture, bringing in a beautiful 100kg Blue Marlin. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

All good things must come to an End

With daylight quickly running out, we turned towards home. Between the jet lag and the 3 huge days of fishing, Ben was exhausted! He had caught many new species of fish and of course the highlight for all of us was seeing the double hook up of Blue Marlin within a mere 20minutes of the lures being wet. What an amazing few days.

Thanks to Ben for coming all the way over from San Francisco, we hope to see you back one day soon! Thanks also goes to Pete and Randal, for being a great pair of deckhands and all the laughs.

Until next time happy fishing


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Ben Spanish Mackerel
Randall Yellow Fin Tuna

Ben with his first ever coral trout
Ben 1st Blue Marlin and 1st Marlin in WA