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Red Emperor wa best fishing charter

Sorry this blog is a little late ?

The other week we had a 7 day individual charter with most of the crew hailing from WA. It was a great mix of guys with varying levels of fishing experience. This crew were so special they were greeted in Dampier with a spectacular fireworks display (their trip may also have coincided with Guy Fawkes night ? ).

Once we got out to the Montebello Islands the crew had a good week of fishing with the dominant species being Red Emperor. The crew were stoked to catch plenty of nice sized Reds throughout the week, as well as plenty of Trevally species in the mix. It felt as though it was a charter filled with firsts and PBs with the crew having too many highlights to list.

Following our recent success with Billfishing this crew was keen to try their hand. We spent a single day out wide with the crew picking up 3 Sailfish, one each for Ian, Eric and Shane. It was an exciting day as it was a first Sailfish for each of them. For me though it was extra special as I got to leader my brother’s (Ian) first Sailfish, there were plenty of cheers on board Blue Lightning III.

The crew also took full advantage of Global Venture, spending some time fishing in close to the islands as well as exploring the rich history these incredible Montebello Islands have to offer.  Eric scored a nice sized GT, his first which added to the excitement and awe this crew felt for our incredible island home.

Until next time, happy fishing


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