Awesome Montebello Islands adventures

Awesome Montebello Islands adventures

This week’s crew was extra special with the two organisers Cam and Robbie meeting on a Blue Lightning charter a couple of years ago. They enjoyed their last charter together so much that they decided to go together again. This meant that half of the crew were from Perth and the other half were from Sydney.

Day 1 Magical Weather

What a magical day to start this week’s Montebello Islands fishing charter, you couldn’t ask for better weather!! It was so calm you could hear the whales slapping and breaching in the distance. It’s been a good season for whales, and we are still seeing plenty which always puts a smile on our faces. The morning was a bit slow on the fishing front. But then someone flicked the switch and it was on. Everyone was hooked up. Really stretching their arms on Red Emperor, Mackerel, Rankin Cod and Spangled Emperor. As we headed West the guys thought they had a chance to try their hand for a Billfish so in the blink of an eye the lures went in. The first hit wasn’t a Billfish but Cam caught his personal best Spanish Mackerel. Adam followed up with a Mackerel of his own. It wasn’t long before the line was peeling off, and Nathan was hooked up to a Sailfish. Unfortunately, it spat the hook but it was enough to get all our blood pumping. After a great day on the water the crew were stoked when we arrived at Blue Lightning’s home sweet home, the Cod Cave where we were greeted by Queensland Groper Kodak and Fuji.

Day 2- Another amazing day in paradise at the Montebello Islands

We kicked off day to with some seriously amazing weather with a casting and popping session. Cam was determined to catch a GT or Giant Trevally. Just moments into the session he was hooked to a mighty GT, he was unfortunately disappointed to lose the GT this time! Nathan was next to hook up but also unfortunately lost it. These GT were proving elusive today. While everyone else was casting Klaus caught an awesome Coral Trout. It was a fun little session for the crew with plastics, jigs and bait bringing in Rankin Cod and Chinaman. Casting and popping provided us with a couple of Trevally. While a trolling session later in the day reeled in some Spanish and Shark Mackerel. As always the bottom fishing here at the Montebello Islands proved plenty of fun with boys reeling in some seriously nice Coral Trout, Rankin Cod and Spangled Emperor that had the boys smiling from ear to ear.

Day 3- Early rise

To make the most of day 3 we rose early and headed out for the day before the tide got too low. We decided to focus on some awesome bottom fishing for the day and we weren’t disappointed, with the boys being kept busy all day long. Tom was first up scoring himself his 1st Robinson Sea Bream for the trip. Other species caught included Crimson Sea Perch, Coral Trout, Chinaman, Spangled Emperor, Rankin Cod and more Robinson Sea Bream. The crew had a ball and found that Rankin Cod were the predominant species of the day. We decided to end the day trolling for Sailfish but unfortunately none came to play with us today.

Day 4- Another glorious day at the Montebello Islands

As we woke on day 4 we were greeted with another spectacular day at the Montebello Islands. The crew were keen to make the most of our new vessel Global Venture with a day in the shallows.


A Whale of show

As we made our way out for the day we were lucky enough to experience something we will remember for a very long time. 2 whales in the shallows coming up to the boat and doing circles around us. The whales were very inquisitive and seemed as in awe of us as we were of them. They stayed around the boat for awhile giving us all a real appreciation for their epic size and beauty. Even when they did swim off they kept looking back at the guys and 1 even rolled on its side gave the guys a fin as if to say goodbye, before finally swimming off into the distance. What an experience had by all, even Captain Chad said “it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with whales”. I was kicking myself for staying behind at the Cod Cave for the day! I was jealous beyond words!!!


Casting for Giant Trevally

We kicked off the day’s fishing with a session casting for GT’s. The guys did manage to land themselves a couple of Mack Tuna and Mackerel. Soon Chad suggested the crew swap over to hard body lures. Before long the boat was surrounded by a School of Mackerel and Wahoo. Unfortunately, we lost the Wahoo, but Cam landed a sweet 15kg Spanish Mackerel on a stick bait and light gear with 12kg setup. The crew continued casting catching plenty more Mackerel but losing another nice Wahoo to a reel seizing up.


More GT Casting

After moving spots the crew continued casting in the shallows for GT’s again. The guys caught Gold Spot Trevally, Coral Trout, Queenys and Mackerel. They persisted to cast for GT, there were big boil ups but unfortunately no hook ups.


Long Tail Tuna & a Giant Trevally

The crew made their way out to deeper water where the boys got stuck into some Long Tail Tuna on stick baits and poppers. As they made their way back around the islands the crew continued to cast. It paid off for Adam who managed to land himself a mighty GT. To say he was pumped would be an understatement. The crew then made their way back home to The Cod Cave. A few of the guys hadn’t had quite enough so they went to shore in search of some squid and they came back with the goods, allowing the whole crew to enjoy squid for entrée. J


Day 5- Out wide fishing the Montebello Islands

The crew were up nice and early, keen to make their way out wide for a great day of fishing. The water temperature is sitting at 25.4°C (better than Perth’s temp) and the water colour was looking pretty good, conditions were looking ripe for a great day of fishing. The aim of the day was to land some Billfish, so fingers were crossed onboard that we would see some.

Lures Set

After the lures were set we waited a little bit, it didn’t take long before we heard the sound everyone loves, the line peeling off the reel. Guy was hooked up to his first ever Billfish! The Marlin was putting on a good show with lots of aerobatic jumps, and Guy putting up a good fight. The 100kg + marlin did a last few jump and after a 20 minute battle by Guy it spat the hooks and swam away. It might not have been a caught fish but it was still an indescribable experience seeing the awesome show these fish put on. Next on the rod was Nathan who landed himself a nice Wahoo. Before we knew it Richard was hooked on a Sailfish, the atmosphere onboard was electric, unfortunately it spat the lure. It wasn’t long before Robbie was up. He was hooked up to Sailfish that was switched baited. As always it was an epic battle and a hell of a show with Robbie really working for his fish. He ended up landing a very good size Sailfish that was all lit up.

Cam’s turn

Next on the rod was Cam, with a very hungry Sailfish. It dropped the switch bait twice before it was finally hooked on the third attempt! Lucky for Cam he caught his hungry Sailfish with, the vibe on board was awesome with some seriously happy fisherman. Our epic day continued with Klaus up next! He hooked and caught his first ever Billfish, a stunning Sailfish to really make his day!

The Epic day continues

It’s hard to believe this epic day wasn’t over yet but it wasn’t. Next up was Guy who had another chance at catching his first ever Billfish.  He hooked and had a great battle with his FIRST EVER Sailfish. He managed to reel in the Sailfish on a Black Bart Pelagic Breakfast. It was quite the moment to be a part of, not only his first Sailfish, but his first Billfish, it’s the stuff Blue Lightning dreams are made of.


Hard Body Lures

To continue our epic day the boys decided to troll some hard body lures. Cam was first up catching himself a Wahoo. Before long Adam was all smiles after catching a mighty Giant Trevally. It was another sensational session with Chris scoring himself a Yellow Fin Tuna, and Guy, Nathan and Richard a Wahoo each. Before Guy scored his second Wahoo, and another Wahoo for Klaus. This is the Montebello Islands fishing at it’s best. An awesome day on the water seeing Marlin, Sailfish, GT, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna and much much more.

Day 6- Sleep ins all round

After a massive day on day 5 the whole crew were stoked to have a sleep in and a later start. We were lucky enough to have another glorious day on the ocean. On day 6 there was not a breath of wind. You know it’s hot when you’re ready for a swim at 8am. Yet another reason I love this place I’m lucky enough to call my home.

Global Venture

After a relaxing start to the day the crew decided to head out on Global Venture. For the first fishing session of the day the boys decided to cast for GT’s. Unfortunately despite sensational weather the Giant Trevally did not want to come out to play. As we moved locations we stopped so the guys could go for a snorkel and see if they could catch some Crayfish. It was a fun little adventure with the crew managing catch themselves a couple of delicious Crayfish.

Casting and Popping

Next up the crew decided on a casting and popping session. Which proved fruitful with the crew catching a few Spanish Mackerel and Shark Mackerel. Before long it was time for another pit stop for a snorkel. The guys loved snorkeling as it was a beautifully warm day and we all needed a cool down very much. While there were some Crayfish around the crew couldn’t seem to get hold of any, so it was time to get back to casting and popping. The crew had a fun little session landing themselves some more Mackerel. It didn’t take long before we were all keen for another cool down and a snorkel.

Adam the GT Whisperer

We finished the day off with one more casting and popping session. It was a good choice with our resident GT whisperer Adam catching himself another GT on a stick bait. Before long we came across a big school of squid, yummy, entrée for the evening was sorted J Once again, this crew couldn’t get enough Montebello Islands fishing so a few of the lads headed to the beach on Alpha island. They had plenty of fun but unfortunately it wasn’t Chris’ day as he lost a solid GT.

Day 7- Return to Dampier

The day all the customers dread was upon us, the day we return back to port. The weather was beautiful again, making it a sensational day for our return into Dampier. We stopped on the way in for a casting and popping session with Cam managing to score himself a Mackerel, however the rest of the session was pretty quiet. As we made our way East trolling our way back, we crossed our fingers hoping for a billfish along the way, it wasn’t our lucky day but after such sensational weather and unbelievable fishing it was hard to be disappointed.


Another incredible Montebello Islands Charter

This week was another incredible week at the Montebello Islands with a great group of guys. With such a great range of species including some awesome Billfish we had a great time and the Monties really showed off what they are made of. We can’t wait to welcome this crew back on board next year after they booked their next charter within 24 hours of their return, and now, the countdown starts again.


Until next time, happy fishing.



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