Week 2 Abrolhos Islands beauty

Abrolhos Islands trolling Samson fish

Week 2 Abrolhos Islands beauty

For week 2 of the Blue Lightning Charters Abrolhos Islands 2017 season we welcomed a group of boys from Albany. The Albany boys organised their 3 day charter to celebrate Josh’s Birthday ?. What an amazing place to have a birthday party!


Day 1 A birthday surprise

The crew were ready to start the day bright and early so  we made our way out of Geraldton and towards the Abrolhos Islands. We had some wind blowing with a SSW blowing at 12kn. The boys were pumped to start the very first fishing session with trolling. It wasn’t long before one of the reels went peeling off and Pete got himself a stripe tuna. Birthday boy Josh was pretty happy to start his birthday party off with a nice Spanish Mackerel in the very first session of the charter. He definitely looked festive in his very stylish hat, the boys gave him to wear lol!!!


A first timer Spanish Mackerel

Next on the reel was Bomber catching his first ever Spanish Mackerel, the smile said it all. I know we say it all the time but there is something very special about being present when someone catches a great species for the first time. That elation, the excitement never gets old, and Captain Chad will often go out of his way to ensure his customers get to experience this excitement on their Blue Lightning Charter.


Bottom Fishing

After a fun session trolling the boys decided it was time to mix the day up a bit with some bottom fishing in 40m range. It was Matt’s session, he caught a nice size Pink Snapper and Dhu Fish as well as several other fish! To say he was happy would be a slight understatement. It was also a good session for Tyler who scored himself his first ever double header of Dhu Fish, although he one went back to allow it to grow bigger and fight another day. Tyler also got his first ever Pink Snapper.


Spinner Shark Excitment

Before long, Matt hooked himself a Spinner Shark, on the way back up it did a couple of aerobatic jumps and unfortunately threw the hooks, it was an entertaining few moments of action. Reece also caught his first ever Baldchin Groper and Pink Snapper. It was an eventful session with the boys reeling in Pink Snapper, Baldchin Groper, and Spangled Emperor.


Shallow water fun

To finish off the day we anchored up in the shallows and the guys caught several Pink Snapper and Baldchin Groper. Andy had a great session catching his first ever Pink Snapper and Baldchin Groper. What a great way to end the first day of this week’s Abrolhos Islands fishing charter. We anchored up for the evening in a nice secluded area. There was not another boat around the serenity was absolute bliss.


Day 2 an Abrolhos Islands beauty

It doesn’t get any better than this! We woke up and moved the boat for a very short 2 minutes towards the reef. Before we knew it lines were in and we were fishing in the shallows. Reece got his first ever Samson Fish and Tyler got his first ever Baldchin Groper. Before we knew it Bomber managed to reel in his 1st ever Baldchin Groper and Tyler got his 1st ever Samson fish. It turned out to be a great start to day 2 with the bottom fishing session producing Pink Snapper, and Baldchin Groper.


Trolling Time

For the second session of the day it was time to swap over to some trolling. After quite some time trolling the reel finally went screaming off. Reece got himself a good sized Samson Fish. The lines went back in and soon it was Andy’s turn to reel a fish in, getting his first ever Yellow Fin Tuna.


Crayfish fun

We decided to end the day in the best way we could think of by jumping in the water and free diving in the shallows for some Crayfish for dinner. Captain Chad and the guys brought in the goods, I was his wing man carrying the catch bag so he could concentrate on catching the Crayfish. Our dinner was looking pretty good. It does not get any better than eating fresh Crayfish and fish for dinner in one of the most beautiful and diverse fishing destinations in Australia. We had a pretty good entree with Chad creating a delicious Tuna Sashimi, as well as cooked Tuna, and Cray legs. Main course was Crayfish, salad as well as a pasta dish, we were all very satisfied and full.


An ocean of surprises

We kicked off day 3 with another delicious meal, this time a nice cooked breaky. With our bellies full it was time to go fishing. You never know what you are going to see on the ocean. Pete yelled out “there’s a Dugong”. Captain Chad turned the boat around so we could get a closer look. As it turned out it was a seal eating a Wobbegong. The seal had a bite taken out of his back. He also had few sharks circling him below.


Bottom and Shallow fishing

The boys decided it was time for some bottom fishing. Reece got the day started landing his first Red Emperor. Matt followed it up with a nice size Pink Snapper. We headed into the shallows to try our luck there. They boys were able to get themselves a few Baldchin Groper. Making it a fun little session.


The last session of the day was trolling, but unfortunately nothing was biting. Day 3 of this charter was one of those days where we could see the fish on the sounder but they just weren’t biting. However the boys did manage to get a few good quality fish.  They were disappointed that the charter was coming to an end. The boys were not happy to be leaving the boat, they wanted to stay and be extra deckies!!!! That makes the Blue Lightning Crew very happy, as happy customers= happy crew.

 Return to Geraldton

This charter absolutely flew by and before we knew it we were back in Geraldton signaling the end of another charter and preparing to welcome a new crew on board. Life up here at the Abrolhos Islands is crazy hectic, however getting to see the incredible array of marine life, stunning landscapes and seascapes and showcasing these to our customers makes it all worthwhile. This week was another week we got to see lots of firsts and there is simply nothing better than seeing the smiles on their faces.


Until next time, happy fishing


Abrolhos Islands fishing highlights Abrolhos Islands fishing highlights

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