Abrolhos Islands – Mandurah Lads

Double header caught by
Double header caught by

The lads from Mandurah had a great 5 day charter to the Abrolhos Islands catching a variety of fish each day from coral trout, dhu fish, pink snapper, baldchin groper a few pelagics, and many other fish.

Perry got a double header of dhu fish but then was out done by Neil by catching a double header of red emperor and a coral trout, you could say he was one happy guy :)!!!

Roy advised at the start of the trip he would like to catch anything but dhu fish, as he wanted to catch a variety of different species. He must of jinxed himself as he caught a dhu fish every day.

Aaron and Perry got a nice size yellow fin each, and the guys also got coral trout on the troll.

The last day was pretty breezy but didn’t stop us trolling and the guys catching and releasing spanish mackerel and yellowfin tuna

The guys and the crew went free diving nearly every afternoon, so once again we were very spoilt with crayfish (eating like we are at 5 star restaurant 🙂 )


camps for the cray fisherman at the Abrolhos Islands

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