Double shot of Montebello Islands fishing charters

Another week and two more epic fishing charters on board Blue Lightning III and Sans Souci, our new mothership. The crew on board Blue Lightning III was organised by Compleat Angler Ringwood with the crew coming from Melbourne. The group staying on board Sans Souci was organised by Craig with the whole crew being from Perth.

Compleat Angler Ringwood group aboard Blue Lightning III

This crew from Compleat Angler Ringwood love their Sportsfishing and enjoy catching and releasing their fish to fight another day. The crew were keen to spend plenty of time this week casting and popping chasing species such as GT, Trevally and Coral Trout in the search of a challenge and a PB or two. They succeeded with the crew catching a great array of Northern WA fish species, and challenging themselves every step of the way.


A great array of WA fish species caught

This week’s crew had a ball fishing at the Montebello Islands catching a seriously impressive array of fish species throughout the week. As Sportsfishing enthusiasts most fish were returned to the ocean. At Blue Lightning Charters we believe in sustainable fishing practices, this means we encourage anglers to catch and release wherever possible. We also take our time to release the fish, to ensure they re-enter their ocean home in a healthy state.

Fish species caught by the Compleat Angler Ringwood crew this week included:

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Coral Trout
  • Rankin Cod
  • Chinaman
  • Cobia
  • GT
  • Golden Spot Trevally and other types of trivially
  • Red Emperor
  • Squid
  • just to name a few


This week’s crew had plenty of highlights as they explored the Montebello Islands in all their fishing glory. They spent their time trolling, casting and popping as well as some time snorkelling and exploring beneath the surface of these incredible islands. Each of the crew shared their highlights from the week below.


For me the highlights included free diving for Crayfish, and the Abundance of fish compared to the Great Barrier Reef was impressive. The variety of fish was great. The Montebello islands are amazing and I feel like we only scratched the surface, I’m looking forward to exploring more. The weather was great but even if it is windy the guys from Blue Lightning Charters are able to put you somewhere to fish and have fun. The staff from Blue Lightning were very accommodating and welcoming.


We did more snorkelling than I was expecting, which was great. The food was amazing as well.


I had never caught a GT before this trip, it has been awesome.


A highlight was feeding a lure to a big Chinaman.


Snorkelling was a highlight for me, I didn’t expect to go in and saw heaps of Crayfish and a couple of GT’s which was awesome.


For me the highlight of the Montebello Islands was the surface fishing.


My highlight was casting and popping off Heartstarter. We caught plenty of Trevally, Mackerel and Coral Trout which was fun.

The morale on the boat from the Blue Lightning staff and everyone was great, even if the fishing was quiet the morale was fantastic. Blue Lightning’s knowledge of the area was outstanding. It was awesome to see how much effort the crew put into releasing fish and taking care with them.


The highlight was the spectacular location, the amazing staff. The fishing has been wild as well. If you want to come Fish come here. Plus I caught my first billfish!


The Montebello Islands  summed up by one of the guys from this crew

A trip to the Montebello Islands is a must do for all. Mad fishos, fishing novices and those wanting a memorable adventure will love the Montebello Islands. Regardless of your desires and what the weather will throw out, you will be doing something that will keep you wanting more. Whether throwing stick baits at Mackerel and the like, working poppers for the elusive GT, free diving for Crayfish or just enjoying the banter among those around you, you’ll always have a smile on your face with the Blue Lightning crew at the Montebelllo Islands

What tips would you share with Blue Lightning/ Montebello Islands first timers?

Check with the Blue Lightning crew what lures, stickbaits, jigs and the alike are working to help minimise your tackle range and allow yourself to pack a bit lighter. Also check current temperature in Northern WA to assist in clothing and bedding selection, the weather up here is totally different to the temps in Melbourne right now. Finally, ask the Blue Lightning crew plenty of questions, these guys know their stuff. We were really impressed by their knowledge of the Montebello Islands and fishing as well, they clearly love what they do!


Until next time, happy fishing


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