Day off well Spent Sailfish Frenzy

What can we say, we love to fish

Some people fish for a living, some people fish for fun, we live and breath fishing, so we do both.  Having completed our northern migration from the beautiful Abrolhos Islands off of Geraldton, up the West Australian coast to our second home the Montebello Islands. With a day off before our next live aboard charter began we decided to make the most of it.  Pete Berryman from Getaway Outdoors, Geraldton, a good friend & keen fisherman, had arrived at the Islands with his vessel, Balek III.  With a bit of time to ‘fill’ and the usual superb weather conditions the region is famous for, we found ourselves excited and planning to head out the following morning to chase Sailfish at one of Captain Chad’s favourite locations.

Surprise of the day

Captain Chad kindly took the controls and put Pete onto his first ever Sailfish aboard Balek III. Next up, it was James’ turn on the rod and in no time at all he had caught his first ever Sailfish as well. I was up next and had set my sights set on a nice sized Sailfish when my capture suddenly turned into a 20kg Wahoo resulting in me successfully landing my personal best for the species.

Sailfish Mayhem

It was as if someone flicked a switch, the tide changed and the Sailfish went into a frenzy. Approximately a dozen Sailfish came up in the spread which caused absolute mayhem on the deck.  The three anglers were all on a fish when the fourth rod peeled off line. This produced the next phenomenon of the day, Captain Chad stepped away from the helm & took up the remaining rod. A rare happening indeed. With a good deal of ducking and weaving, we all successfully converted our 4 hook ups to captures.

 The mayhem had taken place in just 2 shorts hours! We caught and released a total of 12 Sailfish for the day.

We look forward to what the season will bring. We will see if we can beat our 2017 record of 39 sailfish. We’re always up for a challenge, let the challenge begin!

Captain Chad on the rod
It was pretty special leadering Chads sailfish


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