An Abrolhos Islands fishing intro

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This week we had Gavin and crew on Blue Lightning III for a 5 day charter to the ever amazing Abrolhos Islands. These guys were really in for a treat everyone’s first time to the Abrolhos Islands. Chad and I were in our element as we love being able to introduce new people to our wonderful backyard here in Western Australia!

Departing Geraldton to fish the Abrolhos Islands

We set off early from the Batavia Marina in Geraldton, heading west towards the Abrolhos Islands. With the hard body lures in the water we had a hit. A nice Yellow Fin Tuna made an appearance, we were all disappointed when it got away.

Bottom Fishing at the Abrolhos Islands

We pulled up on what looked like some nice bottom fishing ground. The guys had a couple of enquiries but unfortunately weren’t able to make anything stick. The fish really were playing hard to get for the first day of this charter! The guys weren’t giving up that easily though. Their stubborn streak paid off with Shane hauling aboard his personal best Cobia, and a huge smile to boot.

Triple hook up fun

We had to get a move on if we were wanting to make it to the Abrolhos Islands before dark. So we set off with the hard body lures back in the wake. Before we knew it we had a triple hook up! The first two were very nice fish but unfortunately both were lost. The third and final fish though we did manage to bring aboard a sweet Spanish Mackerel.

Another Abrolhos Islands triple hook up

We awoke to a cold winters on the morning of day 2. But we decided to make the most of it and we started out trolling in the shallower waters. Straight up we had a double hook up, unfortunately the crew only managed to convert one which saw Shane getting another personal best, this time it was a nice sized Coral Trout. The Mackerel were proving to be the flavour of the morning with Spanish Mackerel, Shark and School all making an appearance.

Abrolhos Islands shallow water fishing

With the guys arms not quite stretched enough from the top water fun, Captain Chad anchored us up in the shallows. The crew had an awesome time with the super sneaky and hard fighting Baldchin Groper. It was great fun for the crew to see how great Abrolhos Islands species can be.

Deeper water calling our name

After the guys had had some fun with the shallow Baldchins, we headed out a bit further into the deeper water, searching for the popular WA Dhufish. Shane was first up with his first ever Dhufish, he could finally tick this off of his bucket list. Rob was next up and stoked to get his first Baldchin Groper and closely followed by his 1st Dhufish. The rest of the crew were also having some luck with the Dhufish, although only 2 were kept, the rest were released to grow bigger and be caught another day.

A night at Pigeon Island

We were lucky enough to be able to spend the night at on the jetty at Pigeon Island, thanks to Macca. The crew enjoyed the look around the remote community of Pigeon island.

The day of the Dhu

As day 3 dawned we continued our bottom fishing adventures with the crew hooking into some impressive, large Dhufish. The last 2 weeks we have seen more Dhufish than what we have over the whole season. It is extremely rewarding to know these fish are in such good stocks and it does prove to us that when we release these fish they are healthy and going on to grow bigger.

Crayfish seafood feast for dinner

With the guys ready for a bit of a break, we pulled up and had a nice lunch in the beautiful Turtle Bay. Once their tummies were filled, we went to one of Captain Chad’s many secret spots to get some epic Crayfish for dinner. This is where Captain Chad’s experience at the Abrolhos Islands is particulary handy. Thanks goes to Shane and Carmen, for getting us the Crayfish. Entree and dinner were looking good with cray legs and a spaghetti marinara consisting of squid, fish and of course Crayfish. We were eating like kings and queens that night! Not only do we strive to get some fish to take home, we try our best to make sure we have a good array of seafood on the boat also. We spent a lovely night on the mooring in Turtle Bay, to showcase the beauty and paradise of the Abrolhos Islands to these first timers.


Fishing sustainably

As the sun rose on day 4, we were steaming our way towards the shallows in search of some Baldchin Groper and Pink Snapper fun. And fun it was! Absolutely everyone had a ball getting the run around with a few very strong fish. Before we knew it we had the guy’s eskies filled, although not everyone chose to take fillets home. The fisheries quotas are there to ensure fishing sustainability for the future and we pride ourselves on being fish friendly and only taking what our customers need. Captain Chad turned us toward the Southern group of the Abrolhos Islands to stay the night. The guys had a great night with a fabulous starry night and sharing stories from their fishing adventures at the Abrolhos Islands so far.

Last day reminiscing

After 4 days on the water, the guys deserved and earned every bit of their sleep in on their last day at the Abrolhos Islands. With the guys not wanting anymore fillets to take home they chose to try and have some fun with the pelagic fish. We trolled all the way home, but unfortunately the pelagics were just really quiet. It may have been the cooler water coming in or just an off day but it proved to be a quiet day. It gave the crew some time to admire the beautiful waters of the Abrolhos Islands and share plenty of stories of their first week away at the wonderful Abrolhos Islands, promising this wouldn’t be the last time they would be here.

We look forward to seeing you next year crew!

Until next time, happy fishing



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