Abrolhos Islands 3 day fishing charter

Coronation Trout Abrolhos Islands

Abrolhos Islands 3 day fishing charter

Over the weekend we completed the first 3 day charter of the Abrolhos Islands fishing season. Although the weather wasn’t exactly perfect the Abrolhos Islands still turned it on with a great mix of species.

James managed to hook the first fish of the charter with a Balchin Grouper. Baldchin Grouper were quite common this weekend while shallow water fishing. Soon Joel and Spencer also got a nice sized Dhu Fish each. The boys went for a dive and got us some nice crayfish for dinner, thanks boys, these are always a welcome dinner for all on board.

The weather on day 2 of this 3 day Abrolhos Islands fishing charter was far from perfect. It was windy, rainy and cold but that didn’t stop the boys and they got on with fishing in this incredible fishing paradise. The upside of the less than favourable weather was the beautiful rainbows (see photos below). Joel managed to catch a nice, 12kg Dhu fish, while Bryan got a double header of Dhu Fish and Baldchin Grouper. Bryan also caught a Coronation Trout. Other species caught on day 2 included Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Baldchin Groupers and Dhu Fish.

The boys had the chance to stretch their legs on Saturday night when we stayed on the jetty and the boys went to the local pub on Pigeon Island for a drink and to watch the footy.

On day 3 the wind hit us again although the sun managed to break through the clouds. Baldchin Grouper were again the species of the day with the boys catching plenty while shallow water fishing. Steve and Spencer got some nice Coral Trout, while reef fishing. With James getting his Coral Trout on plastic. The boys also did a spot of deep sea fishing before returning to Geraldton.

We are loving our time up here at the Abrolhos Islands so far this season. It’s always one of the highlights of our year arriving up here. Even after 16 years fishing here at the Abrolhos Chad (and now I) still love the incredible scenery and awesome fishing the Islands have to offer. Lucky for us every charter is different so we are off and at it again on our fourth charter of the Abrolhos Islands 2016 season, we wonder what adventures this charter has in store.


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