Fishing Montebello Islands – sail fish on the bite

The guys from Perth left Dampier to head out to the Montebello Islands for their 7 day charter.

First day was the journey across, trawling the mackerel lump the boys caught 4 good size mackerel. They also went bottom bouncing and caught red emperor, rankin, spangled and chinaman, and a few other species.

Their day 2,3,4 were spent fishing the waters off the Montebello Islands catching fish to take home.

Day 5 consisted of an early start out to the seamount, the boys started off jigging and bottom bouncing. The morning session paid off very well with a good variety off fish being caught, reds, rankin, chinaman, coral trout. By lunch time the game fishing gear was in the water,  firstly 3 way hook up of yellow fin tuna. Shortly after hooked 2 sails both sails were released successfully. Not long after we had a 6 way hook up, one was lost shortly after being hooked, the other 5 sailfish were released. We finished the afternoon with 11-10-8 sailfish ranging 25-40kg. The guys were stoked as all 8 guys got their very first billfish.

The next morning was spent on heart starter around the Montebello islands, one GT 25kg was caught. Before lunch we headed back to the Dampier Archipelago.

Last day of their 7 day charter spent half day game fishing off Dampier going 1-1-1 on sailfish and 4-3-2 on black marlin. Weather was in 0-5 kn range made for a great day. Great way to finish their 7 day charter.