An Abrolhos Islands fishing adventure- Week 5 2016

Pink Snapper WA fishing adventure Abrolhos Islands fishing charter

An Abrolhos Islands fishing adventure

This week we had a crew from Victoria on board for a 4 day charter to the Abrolhos Islands. They had never been to the Abrolhos Islands or fished anywhere on the Western Australian coast so they were in for a real treat. We really enjoy showing people that have never been before what our beautiful coastline has to offer, particularly the Abrolhos Islands. It makes it a real “Abrolhos Islands fishing adventure”. These islands have it all from sight-seeing to eating, snorkeling, to some awesome fish, and an incredible history the list of highlights goes on and on.


On day one we departed Geraldton for the Abrolhos Islands, it was blowing ESE 20kn. We started the trip with some trolling. Gary was on strike first, the reel went screaming off, he managed to get it right next to the boat, and Decky Jake grabbed the leader but unfortunately the leader snapped and the fish swam off. Jake estimated a 15kg yellow fin tuna. Gary was still happy to get so close.


Next on strike was Steve, he caught a shark mackerel. There was a bit of controversy as to who caught the biggest fish between Steve and Gary but we shall leave this one to them…


We then went into the shallows to shelter from the wind and group caught some nice size Baldchin Grouper.


By this point in the day Mandy was beginning to think she was cursed. You see, Mandy brought a banana on board, while she did eat it before we left on charter she could not catch anything, even though the others were catching plenty around her.  Mandy put a line in to try her luck again, she was all excited that she finally had a fish on. I went over to see what it was and had to break the bad news that it was not a fish you want to catch a North West Blowie!!! (For more about the North West Blowie see


Chad and Jake went in for some Crayfish and came back with a good feed for dinner. We then tied up to the jetty at Pigeon Island for the night.


The following morning we went for a walk on Pigeon Island to give the crew a guided tour of the island including the local pub and school.


We got some nice sized Baldchin Groupers however a tiger shark was around the boat so we decided it was time to move on. Day 2 gave us some good Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Dhu Fish, Baldchin Grouper. It was really great for this crew to enjoy such a range of species for the first Western Australian fishing charter. Chad and Jake again went for a dive and got us some nice fresh Crayfish and fish perfect for a lovely spaghetti marinara.


Over the final two days of the charter we tried to give these WA first timers a real mix of fishing experiences. While trolling Steve caught a beautiful Coral Trout. We also spent some time deep sea fishing where Whitey(Dave) got a nice double header of Dhu Fish. Gary enjoyed a double header of Red Emperor and an Amber Jack.

Mandy did manage to break her curse and enjoyed a double header of Dhu Fish and Baldchin Grouper. While Steve got a nice size Dhu Fish.  The weather in the afternoon of day 3 finally subsided and to my delight the sun finally made an appearance. We made the most of it and went for a snorkel and got some Crayfish for dinner (you might have guessed that both the crew and passengers REALLY love a good feed of Crayfish).

We spent the night at White Bank, and it was an absolutely beautiful evening on the water. It was great to finally be able to show this crew from Victoria the true beauty this area has to offer.

We woke up to the most glorious morning on the ocean. We made the most of it and all went for a swim at the Anemone Lump. Mandy said it was like being in a big aquarium. We saw Pink Snapper, Baldchin Grouper, and even some Coral Trout.

Before long we were fishing again and Gary caught a double header of a Baldchin Grouper and a shark!!! I caught a Dhu Fish on light gear and soft plastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, the weather was amazing with not a breath of wind, it was very hard to come back to Geraldton.

The crew are already talking about doing a Montebello Island charter soon. We look forward to welcoming them back aboard.

Until next time, happy fishing,



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