10 years of Montebello Islands adventures

Blue Lightning Charters Montebello Islands fishing

You might have noticed the team here at Blue Lightning Charters is passionate about fishing. We love everything fishing and boats. We provide fishing charters to some of Western Australia’s most remote and incredible destinations. One of these destinations is the amazing Montebello Islands.

Way back in 1995 (under our previous charter banner) our team visited the Montebello Islands for the first time with Conservation and Land Management on board to research the effects of the nuclear tests in the area. Then in 2006 Blue Lightning III headed North to enjoy and explore the area.

Highlights of over 10 years of experience at the Montebello Islands

After 10 consecutive years at the Montebello Islands, and countless hours of popping, sportsfishing, reef fishing and gamefishing there are hundreds of highlights in our minds.

One highlight was when a customer requested that “it would be nice if we all had a shot at a Billfish during this 7 day trip”. On the first day of this charter the boys got a total of 31 Billfish (yes you read that correctly, 31 Billfish). This included 13 Black Marlin and 18 Sailfish. Of course all of these were released, but it still gets my heart pumping thinking back to this action packed day.

Another highlight was an epic 3 hour battle with a Black Marlin in the 300kg (estimated) range on 24kg stand up tackle.

Seeing a 50kg Giant Trevally emerge from the depths and crash tackle a stick bait definitely got the blood pumping.

The ultimate highlight though is the glass out afternoons cruising into the islands with a boat full of exhausted and fished out customers sharing stories of their (already growing) fishing adventures. To me, a happy customer makes for a very happy skipper.

10 years of change

Over the past 10 years some things have changed. The knowledge of the team at Blue Lightning Charters is one of those changes. We have now built an extensive knowledge and love of these incredible islands. We have also made updates to our primary charter vessel Blue Lightning III to ensure she stays safe, up to date and at her best.

We have added additional boats to our fleet including Heart Starter our 26ft Boston Whaler. She is an amazing boat that gives us the ultimate ride around the Montebello Islands. She provides a soft, dry and extremely stable platform for fishing. She allows 4 anglers the chance to cast into the shallow reefs at a time and being low to the water allows us to handle the fish with care and safely release them.

Another welcome addition has been our pontoon at the Montebello Islands which we have nicknamed “The Cod Cave”. The Cod Cave is a great way to end a big day of fishing at the Montebello Islands. It gives our customer’s and crew the chance to get off the boats and stretch their legs. Customer’s often head off for a swim, a spot of golf or some relaxing downtime while enjoying cold refreshments and nibbles while watching the sunset. This also allows our crew to give the boats a good clean ready for the next day of action.

Off-Season at the Montebello Islands

From time to time I am asked why we ever leave this incredible fishing paradise. In a word we leave because of CYCLONES. During this season we take our fleet to it’s home in Port Bouvard (near Mandurah south of Perth) and do single day fishing charters. This also gives us an important opportunity to do annual large maintenance jobs, lift the boats from the water and survey them. Once all this is done we head to the Abrolhos Islands for April and May before heading back to Dampier and the Montebello Islands.

I really enjoy showing our charter customer’s around this amazing paradise of islands. Trust me July 2016 cannot come quickly enough. Bring on the Montebello Islands 2016 with Blue Lightning Charters.

Happy fishing, Chad and the Blue Lightning Charters team.


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One of a number of nice Coral Trout caught on this week's charter

A trevally to warm the boys up

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