Sharks galore – Montebello Islands- Week 15

Rankin Cod Montebello Islands

Sharks galore – Montebello Islands- Week 15

Week 15 at the Montebello Islands was a busy one for the Blue Lightning Charters team. We had a full group aboard Blue Lightning III with Bill and Jake and a private group on Reely Black with Chad and Jack.

Unfortunately the fishing was shut down on this week’s trip with the sharks really firing up. It certainly was a tough week for fishing. 

Spanish Mackerel was the dominant species for the week. Trent got a nice Spanish Mackerel around the 30kg mark on the reef.

Coral Trout also stood out this week biting well on both jigs and soft plastics. Other species this week included Rankin Cod, Long Nosed Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Golden Trevally and a Gold Spot Trevally.


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