Montebello Islands – Sailfish Frenzy

Tony, Steve, Darrell, Ray, Jamie and Trevor joined us on a 7day charter to the Montebello Islands.

The day that the guys will never forget!!!!

We headed out very very early to the sea mount to try our luck with game fishing. The lines went in, the morning started with a double hook up of sailfish both landed and released.

The guys mentioned at the start they would like to catch a billfish each, this day certainly made their billfish wish come true.

The day consisted of double, triple, quad triple hook ups of sailfish.

The day was action packed the sailfish were going crazy, the crew were kept very busy!!!

The guys were all taking turns catching and releasing sailfish.

Through out the day they kept saying if we can just get 1 each, 2 each, 3 each, 4 each!!!!

By the afternoon they had 4 each, they even let our decky Jack catch his very first billfish. Darrell ended the day with his last sailfish making his total 5 and the others got 4 each, and our decky 1.

Cptn Chad lead his team to 44 sailfish seen, hooked 35, landed and released 26 (44-35-26)

What a day passengers and crew (Cptn Chad, Decky Jake, Decky Jack and Leah) were absolutely stoked and exhausted but a day they will always remember. J

On the last day of their trip off Dampier Archipelago Ray caught his very first black marlin, a great way to finish of their 7day charter to the Montebello Islands.


Guys ready to go fishing!!!
Guys ready to go fishing!!!
Tony catching and releasing a nice Mackerel
Tony catching and releasing a nice Mackerel
A day to remember
A day to remember

The guys had a fantastic fishing charter, a fishing trip that was very memorable that they will be talking about for years.

They will be doing it all again next year as they have already made a booking for 2015.


If you would like to try your luck on some great fishing on the North West Coast of Australia, why not come and join us on a Montebello Island Fishing Charter. Send us an email for more information.